Wednesday, December 28, 2011

outfit post

i've been dead to the blogosphere, as of late. i have no good excuses. 
this is the first outfit post i've posted in months. i'm rocking my new knee high sockies from $anta Clau$, a Bik Bok bandeau top, H&M blazer, and my mom's old Levi denim shorts. 80'S ROLE CALL.
as you may have noticed, i've painted cliche, emotional lyrics upon thy wall.

/now playing/ anni b sweet - lalala

Sunday, October 9, 2011

the beautiful people i associate with...

nice photos taken around Riga.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

moss-feather bullet earring

made the pieces quite some time ago, but i've been extremely lately, and forgot to post them.
the first piece is entirely mine...i make these earrings using bullet cases and fishing feathers. i'm opening up an online shop sometime soon, and this will be listed.
the second piece is a rough copy of anni jürgenson's found here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

prada graffiti

had a mildly interesting weekend. took a daytrip to Jūrmala, which as you can see from the picture, was like walking through a cloud.
ate bento boxes in Riga. and snapped a picture of this lovely Prada branding on the bridge. dear jesus, there was no enthusiasm in that post. <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011

strawberry mojitos

picture one: my whole family ate lunch on the Galerija Riga rooftop restaurant, which has an AMAZING VIEW. me and my mom split this enormous strawberry mojito (pictured)
picture two: view from the rooftop.
picture three: my new hooded cardigan and nude-colored "GOSH" lipstick.
picture four: arrowhead earrings i made. anyone interested in buying?

i hope you all are having a fabulous day, filled with glamorous cocktails and the like.
much love,

The Look contest blog entry.

hello, m'dears,
this post is solely related to that fact that i would trade my kidney to be able to blog FRONT ROW at The Look Show AW11. unfortunately for them, if i were to win, i might simply faint from excitement.
all jokes aside, i am going to precede into my lengthy description of exactly WHY i should seated front row. First and foremost of all reasons, I will be looking fabulous (according to my tastes). If I were to show up looking like homeless old bag lady, prancing around like i owned the place, i'd be thrown out in an instant. i'm certain i could pull that off in some color-blocked outfit and platforms. i might even throw a turban into the mix, just to shake the outfit up. now apart from that obviously shallow reason why I should be chosen as a blogger, I have a sharp tongue, and i say things as they are. i think that quality is a rather important to have as a fashion blogger. without it, we'd have fat, old, hags walking the runway in garbage bags with "chanel" or "fendi" printed all over, and a whole slew of bloggers saying how "marvelous" and "attractive" the whole collection was. that's what i love about the whole fashion blogosphere. everyone's a critic. well maybe not everyone. some bloggers tend to be blinded by a designer label, and deem it "fab". i hope you pick me, because i'll be truthful.
much love.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

blazers and high waistlines.

hello again, my dear followers. aren't you surprised to hear from me THREE DAYS IN A ROW!?? i know, it's a bit weird for me too, but being in a foreign country with no one my age gives me gargantuan amounts of introspective, free time.

Riga's weather has been extremely bipolar, raining off and on every 30 minutes. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, RAIN GODS, MY WARDROBE CAN ONLY WITHSTAND SO MUCH!
what i'm wearing:
forever21 blazer/thrifted blue blouse/mom's SUPER HIGH-waisted Gap jeans made into shorts/

bye loves,

Monday, August 8, 2011

having a jolly good day

obsessed with Latvian architecture.

pictures taken by my lovely, eleven-year-old brother, because i do not have a whipped boyfriend (or just a boyfriend in general) to take loads of photos of me.

isn't that cute? i attempted to take a posh little picture of my food.
today i found out that my friend/fellow North Carolinian, Emma, is coming to visit me THIS WEEKEND FROM SWEDEN! i am so excited! after a while, hanging out with your family in a foreign country can get kinda old (no offence, mumsy <3), so this will be fabulous.
just having a lazy, unproductive day, sipping tea and forcing my brother against his will to take pictures of me.
lots of love,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Riga, Latvia.

view from my bedroom^
oh wow. i haven't posted on my blogspot in AGES. i've lost a whopping amount of followers...

but i guess i deserve it. i've given in to tumblr and its lazy blogging style which requires no amount of creativity, just the handy dandy "reblog" button (you tumblr addicts know what i'm talking about). but fortunately for me, after months of whining like a brat over not having a good camera, my grandma bought me a new Nikon. YAY FOR GRANNY! i can now carry on my glorious path to fashion-blogging stardom....i kid.
this past week, my family has relocated from our dull, suburban, town in North Carolina, to Riga, Latvia, which is approximately 4,647 miles away. i am actually very psyched to be living here...i can finally dress in extremely unusual get-ups, and not get bitchy once-overs from UGG-and-Hollister clad bimbos.

I am really enjoying living here in Riga. I lived in Estonia last year, so it's not a COMPLETE culture shock, though i still can't quite get over how these Latvian girls wear stilettos on cobblestone streets and still look like effortless goddesses.
I assure you, I will frequently be posting from here on out, seeing as i have alot more blogging material of interest and a decent camera :)

Lots of Love,

Friday, June 17, 2011

peach trees and summer breeze

going to see "green lantern" soon.
god, ryan reynolds is hot AF...