Thursday, August 11, 2011

strawberry mojitos

picture one: my whole family ate lunch on the Galerija Riga rooftop restaurant, which has an AMAZING VIEW. me and my mom split this enormous strawberry mojito (pictured)
picture two: view from the rooftop.
picture three: my new hooded cardigan and nude-colored "GOSH" lipstick.
picture four: arrowhead earrings i made. anyone interested in buying?

i hope you all are having a fabulous day, filled with glamorous cocktails and the like.
much love,


devin olivia said...

the drink looks yummy
lovely photos

Bethany Jensen said...

What a beautiful city to live in!

4-lexi said...

Love your style! you have new followers:-)

~Bobbie & Meesh

The Pink Monocle said...

Looks like you had a divine time! I love restaurants with beautiful views! The earrings you made are absolutely divine, I really wish I wasn't allergic to metals right about now..

Thank you for following my blog by the way. I followed you on Bloglovin'

The Pink Monocle


Wow! The view AH-MAH-ZING! The mojito yumidelicious! It looked so refreshing. Those pics caused me to submerge myself in your world for a moment.

blondehaus said...

Woah those arrowhead earrings are heaps cool! I've been feeling the arrowhead a lot lately - necklaces, earrings, anything! Can't believe you made those!

Alix Mabon said...

Strawberry mojitos are amazing! And I know this is random, but your hair looks amazing in the hoodie pic! lol.

simply frabulous said...

The clouds in this picture are so amazing!