Sunday, August 7, 2011

Riga, Latvia.

view from my bedroom^
oh wow. i haven't posted on my blogspot in AGES. i've lost a whopping amount of followers...

but i guess i deserve it. i've given in to tumblr and its lazy blogging style which requires no amount of creativity, just the handy dandy "reblog" button (you tumblr addicts know what i'm talking about). but fortunately for me, after months of whining like a brat over not having a good camera, my grandma bought me a new Nikon. YAY FOR GRANNY! i can now carry on my glorious path to fashion-blogging stardom....i kid.
this past week, my family has relocated from our dull, suburban, town in North Carolina, to Riga, Latvia, which is approximately 4,647 miles away. i am actually very psyched to be living here...i can finally dress in extremely unusual get-ups, and not get bitchy once-overs from UGG-and-Hollister clad bimbos.

I am really enjoying living here in Riga. I lived in Estonia last year, so it's not a COMPLETE culture shock, though i still can't quite get over how these Latvian girls wear stilettos on cobblestone streets and still look like effortless goddesses.
I assure you, I will frequently be posting from here on out, seeing as i have alot more blogging material of interest and a decent camera :)

Lots of Love,


John B. Marine said...

From what I've seen in pictures and video, Riga is a beautiful city. Nice pictures here. You look great with this tunic or dress.

Hanna said...

babezzz, can't believe you're there :D anywho, will you come to estonia in august?

Camilla said...

Your comment was so sweet! Thank you :3