Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Look contest blog entry.

hello, m'dears,
this post is solely related to that fact that i would trade my kidney to be able to blog FRONT ROW at The Look Show AW11. unfortunately for them, if i were to win, i might simply faint from excitement.
all jokes aside, i am going to precede into my lengthy description of exactly WHY i should seated front row. First and foremost of all reasons, I will be looking fabulous (according to my tastes). If I were to show up looking like homeless old bag lady, prancing around like i owned the place, i'd be thrown out in an instant. i'm certain i could pull that off in some color-blocked outfit and platforms. i might even throw a turban into the mix, just to shake the outfit up. now apart from that obviously shallow reason why I should be chosen as a blogger, I have a sharp tongue, and i say things as they are. i think that quality is a rather important to have as a fashion blogger. without it, we'd have fat, old, hags walking the runway in garbage bags with "chanel" or "fendi" printed all over, and a whole slew of bloggers saying how "marvelous" and "attractive" the whole collection was. that's what i love about the whole fashion blogosphere. everyone's a critic. well maybe not everyone. some bloggers tend to be blinded by a designer label, and deem it "fab". i hope you pick me, because i'll be truthful.
much love.


Lynn said...

Wow the earrings you made are amazing! I love your blog. I am now following you on Bloglovin.



TALI said...

this is great post!!! love all the details
its good to be IFB FRIENDS