Monday, August 8, 2011

having a jolly good day

obsessed with Latvian architecture.

pictures taken by my lovely, eleven-year-old brother, because i do not have a whipped boyfriend (or just a boyfriend in general) to take loads of photos of me.

isn't that cute? i attempted to take a posh little picture of my food.
today i found out that my friend/fellow North Carolinian, Emma, is coming to visit me THIS WEEKEND FROM SWEDEN! i am so excited! after a while, hanging out with your family in a foreign country can get kinda old (no offence, mumsy <3), so this will be fabulous.
just having a lazy, unproductive day, sipping tea and forcing my brother against his will to take pictures of me.
lots of love,


John B. Marine said...

Ashton, you look lovely. "Lovely" also describes the first picture. "Yummy!" is what I'd use for the final picture. Cool stuff! :)

snoWhite said...


really like ur blog!!
I'm ur new follower!!

xxx S.

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Nice post!
Bookmarked :)

Miss Crys said...

Girl, my little brother takes pictures of me too! haha. I love your style, keep it up ;)

Betsan Evans said...

i love your hair:) x