Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PETA, come and get me

extremely eventful weekend :)
went to tallinn for a dance competition with anni. we went thrift/antique shopping, and i found my dream bag! its actually an old camera bag, but still, very cool. i've also attached a foxtail onto it, that i got at the same market. feeling extremely cruel, because i'm pretty sure its real fur. and i also picked up some cheeeeeeeaaaaap glasses for my upcoming DIY projects (Lady GAGA-style)
also went to SUSHICAT and had some amazing tuna rolls. i was even nerdy enough to buy a souvenir (cat ears)


Gary Baumgarten said...

Ryan Huling of PETA will be my guest at 5 PM New York time today on the Paltalk News Network. Please go to www.joinchatnow.com to talk to him then. There is no charge.



Ash. said...

PETA; People Eating Tasty Animals. i just had the most delicious, inhumanely slaughtered cow for dinner.

Gabrielle Darko said...

I love the fur tail! can't wait to see you DIY's

Kate Rose said...

As much as I am opposed to using pieces of animals that still look like pieces of animals (just yucks me out) your bag looks pretty dang COOL. Love the cat ears :3
hey but I still love leather...does that make me a hypocrite? :)

(shameless self-advertising, I know)

kirstyb said...

great post xxxx

Xizi Luo said...