Sunday, March 21, 2010

russian vogue

i picked up these old 2008 copies of russian vogue from the library sale for only 30 cents each. i know they're outdated, but i like to compare the newer issues with the old ones, so it's beneficial for my fashion education ;) which reminds me, i have a fashion timeline due next week, starting from the beginning of the 20th century. 11 decades. this should be fun.


K├Ąti said...

oh my god, Ash!
You're in luck:D.. from which library?

Anni said...

you promised to leave them to me when your're leaving to US;)

Ash. said...

hahah oh yeah, you get my russian will be a sad day when i leave. and i got them at ..i forgot the name....the library near dolce vita pizza..i think...yeah yeah..i got them there.