Sunday, March 28, 2010


was magnificent.
i finally finished my studded converses, AND spring finally decided to honour us with its presence. i didn't even have to wear a jacket! i already have a week's worth of spring outfits lined up.
i went to the Moeke2010 (fashion contest). the older designer category was impressive. alot of goth. and screamo runway music.ehhhh.
i took some random lookbook photos in the street(i always hate doing that, because people look at you funny, either because they think you're beautiful and charming, and you're looks have just blown them away, OR they think you are extremely self centered, having your picture taken a bajillion times and posing like an effing retard *model pose*....probably the latter)
the converses,
were so easy to make. i bought a crappy studded belt, with the easily removable studs, and yes, i put them on my converses, in a delightful checker pattern ;)
mine are the red ones in the above photos. i was inspired to make them when i saw the blue ones on "stockholm street style".



Anni said...

hey. sorry that I didn't get to be with you at Moeke, I had to take photos of those ugly clothes :D

Ash. said...

hahah no big deal :)

Fashion Chalet said...

Raleigh :) where are you?