Thursday, March 18, 2010


emo lips. isn't that uber attractive??
denim jacket, ONLY, borrowed from a friend, in jackets
navy cardigan, $2, thrift store, in cardigans
army green tank top, h&m, thrift store, in shirts (sleeveless)
purple tank top, $5, Rue 21, Rue 21, in shirts (sleeveless)
navy skinny jeans, Cheap Monday, borrowed from a friend, in jeans

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Miia said...

cool room haha

Ash. said...

hahah yess...awesome room. familiar? i love your room.

bekster said...

holy nice plaid shirts slash fur jacket.
and thanks for following.

little moon lover said...

London calling?
this british/punk look reminds me of The Clash... coolness!
love the emo lips by the way!
thanks for visiting my blog