Wednesday, March 24, 2010

class is in sesson

i do not own the first four photos. they are property of 'stockholm street style'
1. these cheetah glasses are totally added to my spring/summer wishlist. they look like something i would have worn when playing dressup when i was little...well, actually, i still play dress up.
2. frida gustavsson. i love her short grey fur coat. i've seen alot of them in the thrift stores around here...for almost nothing. SCORE!
3.i am definitely going to buy some studs and redo my converses. studs are the new rhinestones! thank the fashion goddess, rhinestones are SOOOO OUT. tAcKy:P i remember when i used to "bedazzle" my jeans. so embarassing. i really hope my mom doesn't have pictures.


simona said...

i love girl of first photo!i like your blog =)
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