Wednesday, March 31, 2010 favorite pieces from the miu miu fall collection.
2.chloƫ sevigny in april's harper's bazaar russia
via "fashion gone rouge"

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

safety pin dress via Di$count blog
safety pin dress, my new DIY. follow me for updates :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


was magnificent.
i finally finished my studded converses, AND spring finally decided to honour us with its presence. i didn't even have to wear a jacket! i already have a week's worth of spring outfits lined up.
i went to the Moeke2010 (fashion contest). the older designer category was impressive. alot of goth. and screamo runway music.ehhhh.
i took some random lookbook photos in the street(i always hate doing that, because people look at you funny, either because they think you're beautiful and charming, and you're looks have just blown them away, OR they think you are extremely self centered, having your picture taken a bajillion times and posing like an effing retard *model pose*....probably the latter)
the converses,
were so easy to make. i bought a crappy studded belt, with the easily removable studs, and yes, i put them on my converses, in a delightful checker pattern ;)
mine are the red ones in the above photos. i was inspired to make them when i saw the blue ones on "stockholm street style".


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i had a splendid day, my dolls. kiho(the ginger pictured above) and i had a major photoshoot. very interesting. she had this insanely "brilliant" idea to wrap bags around our socks and walk in the snow and mud. and, these photos display the outcome. freezing feet, haha :)
the bottom photo is a look i just put on lookbook. if you could "hype" it, i'll love you forever. the link to my lookbook is in the sidebar (Stalk Me section)---->


photos are property of
i have this obsession with crazy yeah, that's why i'm posting pictures of hairy looking things on this girl's feet. pretty wild, mon.
i also love the other shoes. the brown flats, with the fur cuffs. they are so dainty and adorable. i would wear them, definitely. maybe not the hairy ones though. i'll leave that to the more fashionably confident. i would feel like a sasquatch.

class is in sesson

i do not own the first four photos. they are property of 'stockholm street style'
1. these cheetah glasses are totally added to my spring/summer wishlist. they look like something i would have worn when playing dressup when i was little...well, actually, i still play dress up.
2. frida gustavsson. i love her short grey fur coat. i've seen alot of them in the thrift stores around here...for almost nothing. SCORE!
3.i am definitely going to buy some studs and redo my converses. studs are the new rhinestones! thank the fashion goddess, rhinestones are SOOOO OUT. tAcKy:P i remember when i used to "bedazzle" my jeans. so embarassing. i really hope my mom doesn't have pictures.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

MoeP.A.R.K 2010

my friend, Anni, from Style Hurricane, invited me to come model for her in a fashion design contest(MoeP.A.R.K. 2010) that she entered. her collection was pretty impressive. and OF COURSE, she definitely placed in the top three. 2nd place baby!! she totally deserved it.

russian vogue

i picked up these old 2008 copies of russian vogue from the library sale for only 30 cents each. i know they're outdated, but i like to compare the newer issues with the old ones, so it's beneficial for my fashion education ;) which reminds me, i have a fashion timeline due next week, starting from the beginning of the 20th century. 11 decades. this should be fun.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


emo lips. isn't that uber attractive??
denim jacket, ONLY, borrowed from a friend, in jackets
navy cardigan, $2, thrift store, in cardigans
army green tank top, h&m, thrift store, in shirts (sleeveless)
purple tank top, $5, Rue 21, Rue 21, in shirts (sleeveless)
navy skinny jeans, Cheap Monday, borrowed from a friend, in jeans

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


thats right, folks
this is the mustache ring
its brilliant
and its from hot topic
but still
i love it


this is a picture of my mom and my uncle before some sort of school dance. i think she still has that dress. i´ll go closethunting later :)

``even likes lollipops``
these are just some photos i stumbled across this past week that i found amusing.