Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Spoonful Of Sugar

today was fun :)
skipped school and went to miia's house. we had these delicioso virgin cocktails. yummm.
-the boots i have on are so adorable...very mary poppins. and i am wearing Juicy Couture socks with them, for some weird reason. i assure you, i would never wear them like this in public.
- and also, i got a new haircut today! or actually, i cut my own hair :) very proud of myself. my mom doesn't even know about this little experiment with i'm sort of scared of her reaction. ok, well she just walked in the door so...anyways, this picture is horrible, so i wil add a new one later.
-i thought i might add that the dark lip gloss i'm wearing tastes like chocolate. exactly. like. chocolate.


katrina said...

amazing boots, really!

kelsea said...

heheh your boots are adorable <3